The Courtroom Visits the Classroom

by Kim Tewalt on April 29, 2011 at 10:32 am

Some Perry County students learned a life-saving lesson Friday, as the courtroom entered the classroom.

High school seniors from New Lexington, Crooksville, and Sheridan high schools got the opportunity to sit in front of an actual drunk driving trial. The courtroom was take to New Lexington High School, where students were able to witness a judge, jury, defense and prosecuting attorneys, as well as testimony from several people involved in the case.

"The kids got to see not only the aspect as far as what the officer goes through in his investigation, but also the system of what happens from a scientific standpoint as far as the blood drawn and taken by the medical center " said Perry County Court Judge, Dean Wilson.

Judge Wilson says history teachers from the schools aim to teach their students about the Judicial System in the weeks leading up to the court case. Beyond being able to experience and actual court case, the trial has another hidden message.

"The point being is that it’s a case that we always try to do, involving the consumption of alcohol, and what the consequences can be. It’s always scheduled around prom time." says Judge Wilson.

Students say although the process was long, it gave them insight to something that most people only get to see on TV shows.

"I think it was a good experience because we got to see what an actual trial looks like, and what an actual jury trial looks like. That way we’ll know, if we ever get called to jury duty, or God forbid any of us end up in trial, we will know what an actual trial looks like" says senior Mason Cannon.

Students agree that this case will act as a deterrent to drinking and driving. Judge Wilson says he hopes students walk away with a better understanding of how the court system works, and realize the consequences of getting behind the wheel after you drink. He adds that, as far as he knows, this is the only court system in country to do a live jury trial in front of high school students,