TID Board Meeting

by Brittany Harris on April 13, 2011 at 6:19 am

Muskingum County is seeking funding for top priority projects.

The Transportation Improvement District’s Board held a meeting Wednesday morning. Muskingum County and Zanesville Officials gathered to create a list of projects that may qualify for state funding.

"We would like to have an identified top priority project to submit to ODOT for funding through the Transportation Improvement District money that the state still has in their transportation budget," said TID Member Mike Jacoby.

He said they want to make sure they are looking at every opportunity available and taking care of the problem areas. He said it’s important to get feedback from both the county and city on which project should be submitted.

"In ODOT funding, safety is always a big factor in what projects get funded, congestion, economic development are other factors, but safety is always on the top," said Jacoby.

Future TID Projects include:

Muskingum River Bridge Crossings: Connect SR 93 and SR 60 via Fairview Road or Richvale Road

Philo/Duncan Falls Bridge: Demolition and removal of existing bridge and piers; replace with possible new alignment.

North River Road West: Repair or replace current infrastructure from Military Road to Richvale Road to make safer

SR 146/Dillion School Road/Dillion Falls Road/North Pointe Drive Corridor: Improve existing roadways with new turn lanes and intersection upgrades.

Additional meetings will take place before a final decision can be made in June.