Veterans Celebrate a Special Reunion

by Mark Bullion on April 30, 2011 at 10:34 am

Some area veterans came together this weekend to celebrate a special reunion.

Held at the VFW Hall on Putnam Avenue, Veterans from the 342nd Military Police Unit came together to mark their 20th year reunion of returning home from Operation Desert Storm.

"It’s good to see these guys here from 20 years ago. It’s amazing how much older all of us are after all these years, we were all young kids back when we were in Desert Storm so come back and now we have kids the age of what we were when we left so that’s kind of interesting for us," said Jeffrey Creed, 342nd Military Police Unit.

Jim Johnston who is also with the unit, says it’s nice to be able to rekindle old friendships and share special memories of being overseas. But he lends some of the credit of staying in touch with unit members to social media.

"With Facebook now, our unit will start up a Facebook account so we can keep more closer tabs on each other and how they are doing," said Johnston.

The unit was deployed in November of 1990 and returned home May 1st of 1991.