Walking For Awareness

by Brittany Harris on April 16, 2011 at 9:19 am

Some locals started their Saturday by walking to help out those in need.

The youth group at Apostolic Christian Church in Zanesville walked six miles around Zane’s Landing Park to help raise awareness for several different causes including obesity, diabetes and breast cancer.

"We are teaching our children how to be servants and anyway that we can help out in the community that’s what we are basically doing and we think we can help out for those who can’t get out and walk themselves," said Minister David Mayle.

Mayle said they are hoping to show the children that they truly can make a difference if they join together to help out those in need. 

"A lot of people are struggling to get better and I just thought we could help out and help them get better," said Payne Mayle, who is walking for Breast Cancer.

Apostolic Christian Church is located at 1148 Ridge Avenue and is always welcoming new members.