Zanesville Police Captain Retiring After 30 years

by Mark Bullion on April 14, 2011 at 6:06 am

After thirty years with the Zanesville Police Department, Captain Mike Baker is handing in his badge and retiring from the department.

Baker has been captain with the department for 18 years. Prior to that he was a sergeant for a total of 30 years. He says it’s been with great pride being able to help serve the Zanesville community.

"It’s nice to be part of a team where it’s important what you do. You make a difference ans we do that down here and i’ll miss that," said Baker.

Throughout the years, Baker has seen quite a transformation in the department.

"It’s been constant changes. When I started, we only had three districts in town, now we have six sometimes seven. The districts have changed, the computers, cameras, digital telephones, we still had call boxes when I started," said Baker.

Baker says the first thing he will be doing after retiring is a planned trip in June to Disney World. He also plans to publish a book he has written on the Civil War.