AMVETS and Boy Scouts Come Together

by Danielle Cotterman on May 28, 2011 at 4:34 am

For many kids, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer vacation. But for a local Boy Scout troop they recognize the true meaning behind the holiday.

This morning Boy Scout Troop 158 teamed with local AMVETS at Greenwood Cemetery to place American flags at the graves of our veterans. The day served not only as a time to remember those who served, but as an opportunity to bring together two generations for a common purpose.

"I thought it was perfect," said AMVET, Jeff Ditmer. "It was a hand and glove because of the way the Boy Scouts feel and the way we feel in honoring the fallen." 

Dittmar, explained to the Boy Scout troop to look for symbols and medallions on the graves, which indicate if the person was in service. Dittmar also shared the importance of taking time to recognize those who served. Dittmar said, they are not there because they have to be, but because they want to be.

Boy Scout, Evan Gamble said, "I’m thinking they should atleast take a little bit of time, atleast to maybe, I’m not, maybe pray for those who have fallen and people who served."

Gamble said, he understands people are busy with everyday life, but thinks its important they take time to honor those who fought for our freedom. The troop planted over 800 American flags today.