Boy Scout Aims To Serve

by Danielle Cotterman on May 30, 2011 at 6:04 am

A local Boy Scout, with the mind-set to one day serve, is doing his part now to show his support for our troops.

Troop 164’s, Judah Horval, has aimed to become an Eagle Scout and then… an officer in the military. As part of his mission, he has launched a project to send 25 care packages overseas.

"Well we planned to do this on Memorial Day because its just already a day people plan to show support to the troops," said Judah. "They really don’t know how and they would like to, so this gives them a way to support the troops."

Judah stood outside the Wal-Mart today, where he said, he raised more then $100 in the first 20 minutes. Judah’s mother said, she knows two families, whose sons have recently given the ultimate sacrifice and she thinks this is the perfect opportunity for Judah to give back.

"There are some soldiers right now that don’t receive any care packages or anything," said Judah’s mother, Linda Horval. "You know how sad, they are giving all they’ve got for our country and nobody has even thought about them. So when he’s an adult he’s planning on being in the military, when he is over there fighting for our country, he’ll know then how much this meant to other soldiers."

Judah is asking others to step-up and help. If you are interested in donating or if your company is interested in sponsoring a care package, contact Operation Spirit. The cost is $15 to ship the packages overseas and will help 5-10 soldiers. All donations are tax deductible.