Bus Driver Involved in Two Separate Incidents

by Kim Tewalt on May 13, 2011 at 9:54 am

Law enforcement and Zanesville City School officials are investigating a bus incident that left several children injured Friday afternoon.

It happened just after 4 P.M. on Linden Avenue in the Central Avenue area. According to the Zanesville Police Department, the bus driver allegedly slammed on the brakes. Five to ten kids then complained of soreness after getting of the bus.

"The kids were late getting to the bus stop, made complaints to the parents, getting off the bus crying, complaining of soreness, (hitting) heads on windows, hitting heads on seats." said Patrolman Tom Porter.

The students were in kindergarten through fifth grade, and mainly from John McIntire elementary school.

Zanesville City Schools Student Service Coordinator, Kevin Appleman, say they will work with authorities to figure out exactly what happened.

"We have to look at the videotape and talk to the driver, but we got reports from parents that the kids were getting off the bus and their face hit the back of the seats." said Appleman.

Patrolman Porter says authorities will also watch the bus video and talk to the driver to determine if any charges should be filed. They will review the incident with the Zanesville City School Board.

Community Ambulance was in scene, but no students were transported. Porter says one parent had mentioned taking her child to the hospital at a later time.

The second incident involving the bus driver occurred around 6 P.M. According to Appleman, school administrators had the bus driver take the bus to the central office. When the driver was leaving he turned sharply to the left and took out a light pole. Appleman says there was no damage to the bus. Zanesville police and fire, along with American Electric Power responded to that scene.