Dozens Gather at ZHS for National Day of Prayer

by Mark Bullion on May 5, 2011 at 9:10 am

Several dozen southeast Ohioans gathered Thursday evening to pray.

Held at Zanesville High School, community members, local government officials and leaders came together to observe the 60th Annual National Day of Prayer. One of Thursday’s speakers was Zanesville’s Public Safety Director who praised those in law enforcement.

"Dear Heavenly Father, we realise that You have made police service and fire service honorable professions and police officers and firefighters area viable part of Your magnificient plan," said Bob Brandford.

Also speaking Thursday was R Monty Construction Owner Rob Montgomery, highlighting the efforts and bravery of our men and women overseas.

"Lord I pray that you just continue to lead them and guide them, continue to protect this country, continue to give them Godspeed, to bring them all home safely, that they might return and give you glory in Jesus’ name. Amen," said Montgomery.

Mayor Butch Zwelling also spoke proclaiming Thursday in Zanesville as a National Day of Prayer.