Emotional Day for Veterans

by Danielle Cotterman on May 30, 2011 at 5:48 am

Flags flew at half-staff across Zanesville today, to honor those who have served and those who have passed.

The day was an emotional one for Veteran, Bob Schaumleffel, who returns to Zanesville every year on Memorial Day to take part in the ceremony at Greenwood Cemetery. He said, the community does a wonderful job of remembering men like his father who served in World War II.

"And I like to come back and see my Dad’s name on the monument and mine someday will be there too," said Schaumleffel.

Schaumleffel’s family, including himself, has served for three generations. Master Sergeant, Dick Bowser said, it is the support for men and women like Schaumleffel that bring so many from the community together.

"Well, I’m a Vietnam Veteran, and I lost alot of friends and I’m here today because of them," said Bowser. " And I’m here to live for them. And I’m thankful to be here. It’s all about remembering them and the sacrifices they made."

At the conclusion of today’s ceremony, the names of the men and women who served and died from Muskingum County were read and honored.