Nichole Hannahs

Food Items on Parade

by Nichole Hannahs on May 21, 2011 at 4:42 am

There were no fire trucks, bands or floats in Operation Feed’s Parade Saturday.

Instead there were cars, vans and shopping cars dropping off food and money donations for Riesbeck’s Food Parade for Operation Feed.

"This is so needed," said Sandy Baughman of  Operation Feed. "We are so grateful for this day. The donations are down, the funding is down and this will really boost it up."

Pre-made bags of donations were available for purchase at Pick ‘N Save for $5.00. Organizers hoped to bring in 100 bags which would mean $500.

"Where I work at Community Action we have a baby pantry and a taxable pantry which is cleaning supplies and hygiene and we’ve both been hit hard," said Baughman. "Everybody has been hit hard even the hot meals program. There are more and more people coming in to eat and it takes more and more money to keep up."

Donations will continue to be taken at Pick ‘N Save on Howard Street and monetary donations can be mailed to the Hunger Network at P.O. Box 512 Zanesville, OH 43702. Thursday the campaign will hold a wrap up of this year’s campaign at the civic center.