Gov. Kasich on SB 5, State Budget

by Mark Bullion on May 27, 2011 at 4:25 am

Hot topics like controversial Senate Bill 5 and the state budget continue to spur debate.

This week, when Governor John Kasich stopped in Zanesville to tour the Plaskolite facility, we talked with him about efforts of some Ohioans to repeal Senate Bill 5.

"When somebody in the private sector is paying 23 percent of their health care costs and the average city worker is paying nine, we have people in the private sector paying twice, once for themselves and once for somebody else, they don’t really know that but as they find it out they will come to understand that," said Kasich.

As far as the state budget is concerned, he says while most people do not like major change, he says that is what the state needs. He uses the metaphor of going on a diet to articulate what needs to happen.

"But once you get through the change, things get better, you’re healthier and that’s exactly what we need to do for Ohio. Ohio has to get healthier because we’ve been extremely sick and we now have the opportunity to pull out of that sick bed and get up walking and we’ve seen a lot of good things happening in the state but we have to keep it going, it’s early, we just have to keep at it," added Kasich.

Governor kasich must sign the state budget into law by June 30th. It has already passed through the Ohio House.