Health Dpt. Warns of Increase in Mosquitoes across SE Ohio

by Mark Bullion on May 4, 2011 at 8:14 am

It’s been a record setting wet spring across southeast Ohio and when the temperatures turn warmer, the next big problem will be mosquitoes.

Public Health Sanitarian Matt Hemmer with the Muskingum County Health Department says the recent rain will cause an increase in flood pools for mosquitoes to breed.

"You can expect to see an increase in the amount of mosquitoes in the air. Fortunately, most mosquitoes that are breeding in flood pools are not the mosquitoes were worried about carrying diseases," said Hemmer.

Hemmer says the only way to deal with the bugs is to use insect repellant containing deet, wear light colored clothing and also to stay indoors. Worst case scenario, give the health department a call.

"Our office does both adult and larva spraying activities and in order to get on the list to receive those activities you can give us a call at 454-9741 and use extension 300," said Hemmer.

Hemmer says June and July are the most active months for mosquitoes in southeast Ohio.