Local Reaction to Repealing SB 5

by Mark Bullion on May 18, 2011 at 5:49 am

Here in southeast Ohio, we caught up with some local residents and asked them about repealing Senate Bill 5.

New Lexington resident John Clowers thinks it should be repealed because it takes public worker’s rights away.

"If he gets in there and gets that thing in there, you’re not going to have no rights for nothing. If it doesn’t get repealed, he will run through with it," said Clowers.

Former union member Willis Griffiths also thinks it should be repealed and has already signed petitions for it to be put on the ballot this November.

"I truly believe that’s what made the standards of this country’s living today is unions. That’s why we all live a lot better of a life because even non-union workers have better wages and get treated better," said Griffiths.

Around 230,000 signatures are needed to place the repeal on the November ballot.