Nichole Hannahs

New Art Display at West M

by Nichole Hannahs on May 24, 2011 at 7:22 am

Students at West Muskingum are winding down their school year and a project that began a year ago is coming to an end as well.

Tuesday the high school unveiled a piece of art work that will hang as a fixture in the school forever. As part of art class, students, some of who graduated last year, etched leaves into tiles to create this unique piece.

"It’s kind of neat to come back and say I was part of that," said Sophomore Abbi Brock. "I helped make something like that and contribute to the school."

"It’s actually more suprising then anything," added Senior Cameron Barbour. "I wasn’t expecting anything to be a permanent part of the school and it feels good to know that I contributed to that."

The idea for the art came from teacher Heather Beauchamp that decided in 2004 the high school’s plan white walls needed a little color. It was also part of her own class project. Beauchamp is graduating from Muskingum University with a Masters of Arts in Education and this is her capstone project.

"Hopefully it will build excitement at our school and be a source of pride for our kids, that they made something that’s permanently part of our high school. It’s a beautiful piece of art I think," said West Muskingum Teacher Beauchamp.

The leaves on the art are all native to Ohio Woodlands. The art works is on display in the lobby of the school near the cafeteria.