Nichole Hannahs

Off Duty Deputy Catches Robbery Suspect

by Nichole Hannahs on May 23, 2011 at 6:42 am

A suspect in Monday morning’s armed robbery of the Citizen’s National Bank in Duncan Falls is under arrest.

Off duty Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Hartman was on his way home from court and had joined the search for the suspect when he came across a man matching the description in the 8200 block of Old River Road.

Upon questioning  the deputy said the man became nervous and even more so when other deputies arrived. The suspect then took off running and was captured without incident.

Sheriff Matt Lutz said he’s fortunate for his staff, "Anytime you’re in a county of 680 square miles you can’t be everywhere at one time. We have a lot of banks in this county. That goes for any crime as well. No matter if it’s a burglary or a breaking and entering. We have some great people that don’t like to lose."

Deputies were able to recover an undisclosed amount of money and are currently following up on leads to see if anyone else was involved.

The suspects get-a-way vehicle was recovered Monday afternoon a couple of miles from where the suspect was captured. In it deputies recovered two guns and the hat the suspect was wearing at the time of the crime.

Sheriff Lutz credits quick work of bank tellers for their success.

"Many times you have things that shake you up especially when a weapon is displayed," said Lutz. "You think later of the things you could have done. They did an exceptional job at everything they did getting the information and getting it to us to be able to check the area."

The name of the suspect isn’t being released until formal charges are filed.