Outdoor Education Day

by Brittany Harris on May 18, 2011 at 5:04 am

AEP’s Conesville Plant hosted its annual outdoor education day in honor of Earth Day for local fifth and sixth graders.

Energy Production Supervisor Erich Skelley said they’re all about education. More than 800 students from several area schools attended the event.

"Even though it isn’t earth day officially on the calender, we schedule it around the teachers schedules and the things that they are trying to do. It’s all about working with the schools too, not just picking the day for us."

The students learned about all kinds of topics, including water sampling, tree planting, and electro-fishing. They also had a chance to see a bald eagle’s nest. Skelley said kids respond well to hands on activities.

"Since it’s fifth and sixth graders and there are some local schools that come here year after year, we try to have the fifth grade students this year do things and then next year when they are sixth graders they don’t do the same thing so they get a wider variety of activities," said Skelley.

The kids also studied space exploration through simulated training.