Relief Efforts for Japan

by Brittany Harris on May 12, 2011 at 8:37 am

One area class is hoping to help with disaster relief for Japan.

Students from the Administrative Assistant Program at the Mid-East Career and Technology Center were collecting emergency supplies to send to victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

"Japan has no resources to get anything right now, nobody in nobody out, that kind of thing so we’re trying to get what we can over there to help them, they have nothing," said Kayla Lloyd.

Student Sara Beth May thought of the idea and said it’s amazing to see a class project turn into a community event.

"I’ve always had a big heart helping people out when they’re need," said May. "That’s why after I get done with this drive I’d like to get some items gathered up to help out the people that are dealing with the floods and tornadoes. It’s sad to see people go through that and not have anything."

All of the supplies will be sent to Cincinatti and then taken overseas.

If you were unable to come on Wednesday, you can make drop-offs this weekend.

Contact information: Sara Beth May 740-624-7433, Kayla Lloyd 740-586-4635, Ann Bentley 740-584-0592