Residents Concerned of City’s Re-Zoning Efforts

by Mark Bullion on May 23, 2011 at 10:11 am

Some Zanesville residents are upset over some proposed zoning changes coming to the city.

In its second reading Monday, Zanesville City Council passed an ordinance allowing the city to amend and revise the city’s zoning map for Dreamer’s Motorsports near Northpointe Drive. The re-zoning would change the business from an industrial property to a commercial property and some nearby residents of Kensington Village are concerned.

"Their concerns are noise and more traffic and how they are going to get into the property," said Jeff Tilton, City Councilman.

Tilton says there have been some rumors circulating about the rezoning and what it means for Dreamers Motorsports.

"There was some misconception that they might be building an off road track behind there but there is wetlands in there and they can’t really build anything on it because it is wetlands," said Tilton.

Council will take up the ordinance again in its final reading at the next council meeting. In other council news, an ordinance was passed allowing to city to dispose of extra city property including cars and maintenance supplies at auction.