Rosecrans Graduate as Family

by Danielle Cotterman on May 28, 2011 at 5:36 am

This afternoon marked the graduation of 22 students from Rosecrans High School.

This years class will be Jennifer Mallets first class to graduate under her new position as the school’s principal. She said, the students are the greatest asset to her job and not only bring joy to her, but to the faculty and the community.

Mallets said, "They just have great aspirations, they set goals for themselves and they have done nothing except work towards achieving those goals."

The class Valedictorians, Alex Lewis and Bailey Rittberger, believe they will all go on to be successful and expressed the closeness they feel as a class.

 "Alot of us have been here since we were in kindergarten, so its really, just now, not just friends its more like family,"  said Lewis and Rittberger. "I feel like these people are like my brothers and sisters. So its really great, like, you always know someone can help you. I mean, their parents are like your parents."

Included in the graduating class is Jorge Cortes, a foreign exchange student from Spain. Many of the graduates have received scholarships and will go on to do great things. Congratulations to the Rosecrans class of 2011.