Summer-Time ‘Brain Drain’

by Danielle Cotterman on May 31, 2011 at 5:39 am

It’s time to ensure your child does not fall victim to summer-time ‘brain drain.’

The John Mcintire Library summer reading program kicks-off this week. The program uses incentives like games, songs, and special discounts to encourage kids to read. Library Assistant Director, Blair Tom said, kids should read at grade level, but understands the most important thing is to keep their brains active.

"What we know is while they are having fun, we are keeping those reading skills in place," said Tom. "So when they return to school in the fall, they have not lost any of their accomplishments and gains they’ve made during the school year."

Children will set their own reading goals. Tom said, the libraries aim to have 2,750 children read and report 89,000 books. He said, this may seem like a lot but the children really get into it.

"It’s great seeing them come in and be so excited about reading, and they truly are," said Tom. "They want to tell you about how many books they’ve read and how they are coming with their goal. "

Registration begins June 6th, but come this Saturday to an event hosted by the John Mcintire Library and you can register early. About 500 kids are expected to sign-up on opening day. For more information visit any Muskingum County library.