Wayne Ave. to Close Next Monday

by Mark Bullion on May 12, 2011 at 6:54 am

If you drive on Wayne Avenue in Zanesville, you might want to think about an alternate route.

The City is set to start installing a sewer line from the State Route 555 bridge to Marietta Street. Additionally, ODOT will soon begin repaving Wayne Avenue from Duncan Falls all the way up to near the Greenwood and Market Street intersection. Zanesville’s Public Service Director Mike Sims says the road has been in bad condition for a number of years and that last year’s water line project didn’t help.

"We have numerous pothole problems and a lot of complaints about it so it will be a mill and fill operation where they will take all the old ashphalt out and then refill it instead of just doing an overlay," said Sims.

The road will be closed through July 29th but will be open to local businesses and residents only. Motorists are advised to use the detour.

The northbound detour is State Route 555 to Moxahala Avenue to Muskingum Avenue to the Sixth Street bridge to Sixth Street to Market Street. The southbound detour is Marietta Street to the Sixth Street Bridge to Putnam Avenue to Cleveland Avenue to Moxahala Avenue to State Route 555. Detour signs will be posted.