Wood Carving Enthusiast

by Brittany Harris on May 8, 2011 at 7:31 am

A local artist was among some of the vendors at the Farmer’s Market in Zanesville this weekend.

United to southeast Ohio, Dave West creates canes out of pieces of wood he finds outdoors. He picked up the hobby back in 2005.

"After I retired I wanted something to keep me busy so I got a part time job and then I started carving on sticks and wood," said West.

Many of the canes are Buckeye themed since its his favorite team. He said his inspiration comes from all over.

"A lot of the stuff. I’ll get a stick and look at it and say what does this look like or I’ll ask my wife what does this look like and then I get inspired to do a certain thing," he said.

The canes are available for purchase at the Farmer’s Market held every Saturday at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds.