Zanesville Rotary Club Phoenix Awards

by Brittany Harris on May 10, 2011 at 6:30 am

The Zanesville Rotary Club presented the Phoenix Award to several outstanding Muskingum County seniors.

All of the students were selected for overcoming some obstacle in school, whether it be health related or academically. The award acknowledges their hard work and efforts.

"I’ve been through a struggle and doing this and going far makes me acknowledge that everybody can do what they set their mind to do," said Zanesville High School Senior Kelsey Royer.

"The world is kind of an unfair place these days and a lot of people who really struggle don’t really get a chance and this kinds of gives them that chance and recognizes that they’ve had to struggle to get where other people are by right," said John Glenn High School Senior Garrick Sheene.

The students agreed that they always found a way to get by despite their hardships. They encourage others in a similar situation to stay positive.

"There are always options and there are always choices to be made even if that choice is to do nothing, it’s still a choice, there’s always more chances," said Sheene.

Also receiving awards were: Ashley Gurnicke, Stacy Russell, Lindsay Miller, Erin Butts, and Travis Hartge. They will each be awarded $1,000 scholarship. There were also some matching $1,000 scholarships given from area colleges and universities.