911 Calls Give Insight Into Shooting

911 Calls Give Insight Into Shooting

by Kelly Mills on June 17, 2011

The 911 calls are shedding more light into exactly what happened following a deadly shooting Wednesday night at 660 Irish Ridge Road in Harrison Township.

56-year-old Donald McHenry was killed. Two women who lived in the home are being questioned in connection with the incident.

In one 911 call a 19-year-old woman who identifies the victim as her father is clearly distraught:

Caller: He tried to kill me. I don’t think he’s breathing, I don’t know!

911: Ma’am, I can’t understand what you’re saying.

Caller: I don’t think he’s breathing!

911: Who’s breathing?

Caller: I don’t think he’s breathing!

911: Who ma’am?

Caller: My Dad, I don’t think my dad’s breathing.

911: Okay how old is he?

Caller: He tried to kill me, he tried to kill me.

911: Is there anyone else there I can speak to?

Dispatchers then speak with a woman identified as the teen’s mother who says she was asleep when the ordeal happened:

911: What is going on?

Caller: I don’t know. I was in bed and I got up and I heard this big commotion and my daughter and my husband was like in a big thing out here in the yard. I don’t know, and my daughter said he tried to kill her. Can you please send the police here? I don’t know it’s dark out and I can’t see.

911: Is your husband breathing?

Caller: I don’t know he’s out in the yard. Please send the police.

911: Ma’am, they’re already on the way, they’re already on the way. I’m just trying to get some information.

Caller: Okay, Okay.

911: So you think she harmed him?

Caller: Umm… I don’t know, she’s got blood all over her. I don’t know what’s going on.

A neighbor also called in. He reported seeing a knife in Donald McHenry’s hand as he was lying in the front yard, that has not been confirmed by authorities.