A Celebration of Life

by Danielle Cotterman on June 6, 2011 at 6:47 am

Local cancer survivors were invited to Genesis-Bethesda Hospital today to celebrate something many people take for granted…Life.

All cancer patients, who have ever been treated, were encouraged to come out to today’s festivities. Cancer researcher, Michele Hankinson said, since the day you are diagnosed, you are considered a survivor. Today’s events were an opportunity to give back to the survivors, who she said, inspire her everyday.

"Because they’re inspiring to us, so we’re inspired to help get them through their journey," said Hankinson. "And we want to let them know their not alone, and we’re here to help them."

Hankinson said, she understands it can be scary when you first hear the words ‘you have cancer’…. words, cancer survivor, Kim Herhay, knows all too well

"I Rejoice, because I’m here," said Herhay.

Genesis-Bethesda Hospital offers monthly support groups for cancer survivors and their families.