A Divine Mission to Revitalize Zanesville

by Danielle Cotterman on June 1, 2011 at 6:50 am

The childhood dream to one day own a spa has become a reality for one woman.

The Owner and Operator of Divine Bliss Spa, Amy White, has brought her enthusiasum for spa treatment to the Freight Shops in downtown Zanesville. White said, her inspiration began as a child. Her parents created a small salon in their basement, and she would charge family and friends 50 cents for her services. Today, White charges a little more, but her dedication to clients remains the same.

"What I love about my place, is just how personal it is in here, because I am the only person in here who works on my clients," said White. "I offer just servies to one client at a time, so it’s very private, unlike when you walk into a regular salon, and theres all kinds of people sitting around, sometimes people don’t want to walk into a place like that."

White’s family has not only taken an interest in helping her open shop, they have also played a big role in revitalizing Downtown Zanesville. The family has opened two other stores in the Freight Shops, The Wellness Center and the Fitness Center. Mayor, Butch Zwelling said, the family is a sign that something is going right in Zanesville.

"These are tough economical times. Most mayors are struggling, bussinesses are closing rather then opening. In Zanesville it’s going the other way and we’re glad for that."

This is the 26th ribbon cutting in Zanesville to take place in the past two years.