Big Brother Big Sister Strike it Big

by Danielle Cotterman on June 7, 2011 at 7:34 am

Big Brothers Big Sisters is asking for your help to strike it big.

The Annual Bowl For Kids Sake event is a big hit for the Muskingum County Division, and they now want the same success for Guernsey County.

Big Brothers Big Sister Development Coordinator, Sarah Browning said, "And I think everyone knows here in Muskingum county how important that is to us. We just want to send that message over to Guernsey County to let them know, if we can bring these more funds in the more children we can serve and make us all around a better community."

Browning said, they’re already 41 children matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister in Guernsey County. Browning has been volunteering as a Big Sister for three years, and knows first hand the effect this can have on the children.

"It’s not only a benefit for her," said Browning. "I think it was a benefit for me as well. You know, I had a new friend that was in my life."

The Bowl for Kids Sake typically brings in 30% of the year’s funding for Muskingum County’s Big Brothers Big Sisters. Browning said, it costs the organization about $1,000 a year to support a little brother or sister. Local children have already raised almost $2,000 by selling paper bowling pins. The Guernsey County Bowl for Kids Sake is schedule to take place June 25th at King Pin Lanes in Cambridge.