Biker Counts Blessings

by Danielle Cotterman on June 26, 2011 at 10:11 am

A local man is counting his blessings after alcohol almost cost him his life in a motorcycle accident. And now, he is speaking out about the life he now lives.

"Luckily I missed the Pick up truck," explained Robert Eppley. "But I dropped the bike and it was all over but the shouting then."

Eppley was involved in a motorcycle accident about 2 months ago, in front of the South Zanesville Lighthouse Inn. He was charged with Failure to Operate, but says, he was lucky.

 "I had had a drink or two," admitted Eppley.

Today Eppley’s back on his bike and said, it was the accident that brought him to Biker’s for Christ, where he now says, it’s all about God.

"If it wasn’t for the man upstairs, I don’t think I’d be here anymore," said Eppley. "The Bikers for Christ came to the house and seen me."

Pastor of Rushing Wind Biker Church, Michael McGuire said they try and visit everyone who has been involved in a motorcycle accident.

"Just let him know that the community of Bikers, especially at Rushing Wind were praying for him," said McGuire. "Their has been many of the bikers that have come here that never knew the Lord."

I similar story to that of Eppley’s is Church Member, Larry Wolford.

"Kind of like myself, I’ve had a bad past, dealt a lot with drugs and alcohol," said Wolford. "I’ve been saved, and that’s all taken away now, I’m delivered from all of that."

Eppley agrees, "The best thing you can do is to look to the Lord, because there is nobody else to look to."

Rushing Wind Biker Church serves as an outreach for bikers and their families. All who ride, and those who don’t are welcome. Services are held every Saturday night at 6 o’clock.