Block Party, Glorifies God

by Danielle Cotterman on June 20, 2011 at 5:15 am

A Duncan Falls Youth Group would like to invite you to a block party, dedicated to spreading the word of God.

Last year the United Methodist Church Youth Group decided they wanted to make a difference, and for the first time sponsored a block party here in Zanesville. Youth Group Member, Katie Bollinger, said, she feels a love from God and just wants to share it.

"He just puts it in us," said Bollinger. "And we just want to put the love we feel from him out there for everybody else to feel that too."

The day will include free food, games and music. Youth Member, Skyler Tigner, said, the day isn’t a fundraiser of any kind and everyone is invited.

"It’s Free, and we’re not going to pressure you into believing in God, but that is definitely, that’s our main effort," said Tigner. "It’s not for us at all, it’s all for God. What we are doing is all to glorify him and all he’s done."

The Block Party will be this Thursday, at the Salvation Army. The event will begin at noon and end at 6:00. Last year about 700 people attended.