Cancer Never Sleeps

by Danielle Cotterman on June 11, 2011 at 5:13 am

Cancer never sleeps- and either will the hundreds of survivors and their supporters who came out to Relay for Life tonight.

The 18-hour event began at three o’clock and will continue until nine tomorrow morning. Teams will take turns walking laps to show their support for survivors and their families.

Chair of ‘Relay for Life,’ Ann Boyd said, "It brings all the survivors together, so they get to meet other survivors, tell their stories and if your new to cancer, maybe just received a diagnosis, this is a great place to find support."

The same support, Lori Cody said her mom needs. Cody’s father died of colon cancer and now her mother has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

"That’s what I’ve been encouraging my for my mom," said Cody. "I wanted her to be around other people who have been through this, so she can see there is other people going through what she is."

This weekend’s Relay for Life event hopes to raise around $86,000.