Coshocton’s Dulcimer Days Wraps Up

by Danielle Cotterman on June 19, 2011 at 8:39 am

The 37th annual Dulcimer Days of Coshocton came to an end on Sunday evening.

The three day festival featured Traditional Appalachian music and the Mid-East Regional Dulcimer Championships. Competitor, Emily Pritchard, drove from Beckly West Virginia to take part in the competition. She said, last year she came in second place, and the year before she came in third. On Sunday, she hoped to finish first.

"I love playing the mountain dulcimer because I can express myself through music," said Pritchard. "The only other instrument I’ve every played is the drums, because I kind of like beating things, but I’m more of a slow finger picking kind of person."

Co-coordinator, Bob Bence, said, dulcimer music is popular in the Coshocton area because of canal history and folk music. He said, you may recognize the sound from more popular artists, such as Aerosmith, Johnny Cash, and the Rolling Stones, who originally had a full time band member playing the dulcimer.

"Another great friend of mine, made a living, he was a great Friend of Cindy Lauper," said Bence. "She was a Dulcimer player, she wrote every hit she ever had, every top 40 hit she ever had on a dulcimer, and you just never would have known that."

Winners of today’s competition are eligible to compete in the national championships held in Kansas. The festival is held each year on Father’s Day weekend.