Council Postpones Building Inspection Ordinance

by Mark Bullion on June 27, 2011 at 8:51 am

No decision has been reached regarding the way Zanesville conducts some of its building inspection services.

After meeting Monday night with the Muskingum County Commissioners, Zanesville City Council decided to postpone the ordinance that would allow the city to contract out Licking County for some of its building inspection services. The move comes after the commissioners asked council Monday to re-negotiate the services Muskingum County currently provides.

"It would allow Mid-East to still be controlled. It would still be a one stop shop for the whole county and the city by doing commercial development," said Commissioner Hill.

Hill says it’s important that every step is taken to ensure that the services done stay in Muskingum County, which he says would be a win-win situation.

 "if we can’t agree and then they decide they want to take it to Licking County, that will be their choice, we hope that doesn’t happen, hopefully we can work out an agreement and I think we can," said Hill.

The ordinance is postponed until August 8th. Before then, council and the commissioners plan on meeting to discuss what kind of an agreement can be reached.

In other council news, in its first reading, an ordinance was passed that would allow the city to enter into a contract to help control the odor problems at the wastewater treatment plant on Moxahala Avenue.