Council Tables Controversial Ordinance

by Mark Bullion on June 13, 2011 at 8:52 am

Zanesville City Council tabled a controversial ordinance for the city Monday evening.

The ordinance would allow Zanesville Code Enforcement Officer Tim Smith to contract Licking County’s Building Department to handle some of Zanesville’s building inspection services. Currently, the county handles the services, but Mayor Zwelling says Smith was under the impression the county office might be closing.

"He asked me if he should go ahead with his plans to have a department because without a department at the county or city, all contractors would have to go to Columbus," said Zwelling.

If the city takes over the services, then Licking County would step in and do some of the work for the City.

"They will come here, contractors would not have to go to Licking County under either circumstance," said Zwelling.

The Muskingum County Commissioners have expressed great concern over the matter and asked that the matter be tabled until the city and county can meet and hopefully come to an agreement. They will meet before next council meeting to discuss the matter.

In other council news , an ordinance passed that changed some of the city’s zoning on Northpointe Drive from industrial to highway commercial, so that Dreamer’s Motorsports can move to that location.