Courage in Athletics Recipient Announced

by Mark Bullion on June 20, 2011 at 9:22 am

Being diagnosed with a potentially life threatening illness can be scary, but channeling that illness into something positive is what it’s all about for one local boy.

Tylor Berry, a 4-year Zanesville High School Soccer Team player and recent graduate was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes his freshman year and had to have an insulin pump implanted in him his junior year. His coach, Steve Randles nominated him for the Seth Dille Courage in Athletics Scholarship sponsored by the Fieldhouse and WHIZ.

"I felt like knowing his story and knowing the kid the way that I did that he was someone that certainly should be considered and I was very pleased to find out that he had been selected for the scholarship," said Randles.

We caught up with Tylor Friday at the Fieldhouse. He says he’s very grateful and honored to be the scholarship recipient. But for him, it’s not so much the money, but the idea hat diabetes wasn’t going to stop him from doing what he loves doing best.

"I just love the sport. Everyone, the coach helped me, everyone, teammates, everything, just added to it. Soccer just, it really helped me with my diabetes," said Tylor.

Tylor plans on using the scholarship money toward culinary school in the fall.