‘Elements’ of First Friday

by Danielle Cotterman on June 1, 2011 at 6:41 am

Zanesville’s ‘First Friday’ may offer a lot to do, but there is even more to see.

The art studio, Elements, has played a big role in the success of the Downtown Freight Shops. Spokesperson and Enthusiast, Linda Regula, said, she has enjoyed ‘First Friday’ for more than 8 years. When she first began going, only two sights were offered, now more then 20 shops participate.

“We finally convinced Cheryl, she does such beautiful thing she should have her own gallery,” said Regula. “So bless her heart she has decided to do it, so we are real excited about it. ”

Artists, Cheryl Randles and Teresa (Huffman) Caw, find inspiration in natures natural elements, which is where the name of their shop, Elements, came from. They enjoy restoring the beautiful things nature offers and share the same enthusiasm for Downtown Zanesville.

“Well, I think they are inspired by seeing what we are trying to do for down town and they want to be apart of it,” said Regula.

Elements Art Studio offers a variety of work, including mosaics, oil paintings, rock candles, and stained glass.
The ‘First Friday Art Walk’ will be held from 5 to 8PM in Downtown Zanesville.