Farmer’s Market in Need of Farmers

by Danielle Cotterman on June 1, 2011 at 6:31 am

The Farmer’s Market has come to Downtown Zanesville early this year, but it seems the farmers are behind schedule.

The Farmer’s Market typically has 10 to 12 vendors but, due to high rain levels, the planting season for many farmers has been forced to be pushed back.

Manager of The Zanesville Downtown Association, Dana Matz, said, "We had several call us up late yesterday or early this morning and say, ‘Dana we got to take a chance, an advantage, of the dry fields and get our corn in now, or or we could loose it for the whole season.’"

This is similar to the case of vendor, Rich Schroeder, who just recently planted his sweet corn and said, it won’t be ready until Labor Day, rather than the end of June. He said, this will have a big impact on his sales.

"People expect the things to be ready on time and when they’re not they gradually loose interest," said Schroeder. "And when your season comes in late, by the time your stuff comes in, they’ve lost interest."

The Farmer’s Market begins at 4:00PM every Wednesday and takes place near the Welcome Center. More vendors are expected to attend in the upcoming weeks.