Farmer’s Market is Ripe

by Danielle Cotterman on June 15, 2011 at 4:55 am

Wednesday marked the 3rd week of the Downtown Zanesville Farmer’s Market and things appeared much ripper than before.

Due to difficult weather conditions this season, many farmers were unable to take part in the opening day market. Downtown Zanesville Association Manager, Dana Matz, said, most farmers have gotten their crop in and local vendors are now taking part.

"This changes, it’s not like the grocery store where everything is in season," said Matz. "So that’s what the consumer needs to remember."

A unique produce item available at Wednesday’s market was the garlic scape. Vendor, Kristen Baughman, said, garlic is typically harvested in a few weeks, but many people don’t realize they can cook with the garlic stalk, that is available now. She suggested, cutting the stalk into green-bean size pieces, and then sauté them. 

"So if you grow garlic at home you should put this to use," said Baughman. "Instead of just wasting it."

Rhubarb, green onions, and snap peas are currently in season at the farmers market. The market is held every Wednesday by the Downtown Zanesville Welcome Center.