Father’s Day Blessings

by Danielle Cotterman on June 19, 2011 at 6:20 am

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the influence and bond between a Dad and his children. For one local family in Zanesville this meaning has not been forgotten.

James Strickler celebrates Father’s Day with his son, Nate, who is Autistic. The two typically spend the afternoon fishing. Strickler said, his reason for being a strong influence in his son’s life, began with his own father.

"Our relationship was really good," said Strickler. "We got to see the world and hopefully, I can take him out and show him the world."

Strickler’s father spent 32 years serving in the military. To now see his own son’s struggle, only reminds him, of what he calls, the true meaning behind Father’s Day.

"Father’s Day to me, is you know, going to church and spending it with my real father, my heavenly father," said Strickler.

Strickler hopes to pass these life lessons on to his own son, so that he too will someday be a great father.