Gas Price Relief

by Danielle Cotterman on June 27, 2011 at 4:33 am

Drivers filled up their gas tanks Monday afternoon thankful to feel the relief as gas prices continue to drop.

Recent surveys place Ohio’s average price at $3.34 a gallon. At the BP in Zanesville residents filled up for $3.36 a gallon. That is 15 cents cheaper than last week, but still well above the price last year.

"I wish they would go down some more," said Local Commuter, Ethal Luallen. "But I guess we have to take what we get."

Gas prices hit $4.00 earlier this year. Some analysts believe the drop in prices is only temporary. Local Commuter, Sandy McElhaney agrees.

"They’ve been getting lower, and lower and I think it’s time to fill up now," said McElhaney. "I think those days are going to get, because they are already starting to go back up."

The drop in cost is in response to the International Energy Agency announcing it will make 60 millions barrels of crude oil available for a month long period.