Jam Against Cancer

by Danielle Cotterman on June 21, 2011 at 4:42 am

An all day concert will raise money and hope for those battling cancer.

Although Zane Landing Park looked empty Tuesday afternoon, on Saturday afternoon a crowd of about 1,000 people, will gather for the 10th annual BZ Jam at the Landing. All proceeds from the day will benefit local cancer patients. Co-Chair, Tami Swope said, the silent auction is their biggest contributor. A hot item being auctioned off, is one of the last footballs autographed by Jim Tressel.

"So we’re excited to see whether the public is going to think that’s a great thing to have a Jim Tressel autograph or exactly how they will feel about that," said Swope. "But we are hoping, we might make a couple bucks off of that."

Swope said, all music, food and beverages have been donated, including time spent with local celebrity servers…Mayor Zwelling, State Representative,Troy Balderson, and the Adornetto Brothers.

"You need to come down just to harass all the celebrities and they always bring a lot of fun to the event," said Swope. "So hopefully people come down for that."

The event will take place this Saturday, starting at 2 o’clock and go on until 10 o’clock. Swope said, unfortunately there will be no fireworks this year, but for a good reason….the money saved will go towards the American Cancer Society, contributing an additional $2,000 for those in need.