Jam Out Cancer

by Danielle Cotterman on June 25, 2011 at 6:49 am

The crowd at Zane Landing Park quickly filled-out as participants came to enjoy music and support those battling cancer.

Saturday night proved to be a great turn out for the 10th annual BZ Jam at the Landing. The event designed to raise money for cancer research rocked out to a different band each hour throughout the evening. Co-Chair, Casey Summers said, bands are always willing to volunteer and it’s never a problem getting the crowd to participate.

"Music was the idea of the whole thing to start with," said Summers. "And we thought, well we can also raise money for cancer at the same time. "

The goal is to raise about $20,000 and Co-Chair, Tami Swope said, they are well on their way to this goal, when two people made significant donations within the first hour.

"You can tell a lot of people, they’ll walk up to you and say, you know, thanks for doing this and it makes you feel so good," said Swope. "They’re like, I’m a cancer survivor this is my 5th year."

Saturday’s festivities began at 2 o’clock and continued until 10. Swope said, unfortunately there were no fireworks this year, but for a good reason….the money saved will go towards the American Cancer Society, contributing an additional $2,000 for those in need.