Local Church Goes Green

by Danielle Cotterman on June 11, 2011 at 3:17 am

"Go green"… That was the mission for one local church here in the Y-city.

The United Methodist Church teamed-up with Goodwill to help recycle items like old computers, small appliances, and other items people don’t know what to do with.

Pastor of The United Methodist Church, Dennis Baker, said, they collected, " Anything we can save from the garbage can, to put back to use in our world."

Volunteers were present to help unload all items being recycled. Dorothy Heckel, who recycled a microwave, said, it was so easy, she didn’t even have to get out of her car.

"It’s never been a convenient time to take it somewhere else," said Heckel. "So I’ve had it awhile and wanted to dispose of it, and thought, this is great. "

Last year the team collected over 10,000 pounds of recyclable items and hope to do the same, if not more, with this year’s event.