Local Gymnastics Team Leaps into Nationals

by Danielle Cotterman on June 20, 2011 at 5:17 am

A dedicated team of young girls will go leaps and bounds to showcase their talents.

The Cambridge YMCA gymnastics team will leave Tuesday morning for the national competition being held in Toledo. Gymnastics Director, Cheryl Mathews, said, the team has been preparing since they originally qualified in April. Practices can last up to six hours and are held three days a week.

"Yes, it’s been a hot summer and they have sweat, and we’ve had a few tears, not too many so that’s pretty good," said Mathews. "And they are just in awesome shape."

For Mathew’s daughter, Brittany, this will be her second time at nationals. She said, she is excited for the experience but can be nervous.

"I have a move in my bar routine that takes a lot of strength," said Brittany. "And sometimes it’s hard to get on the first time. It take multiple trys to get it."

Brittany hopes to place in the top twenty-five in order to qualify for the finals. Fifteen girls from the team will be attending the competition.