Lt. Gov on SB 5, State Budget

by Mark Bullion on June 10, 2011 at 6:32 am

Senate Bill 5 and the state budget continue to be hot topics across Ohio.

Yesterday, Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor stopped in Zanesville to speak to members of the Community Bankers Association of Ohio. Taylor says Senate Bill 5 along with tough state budget cuts are necessary reforms needed to make Ohio a more marketable state.

"Senate Bill 5 is one piece of that and obviously is more important to give our local governments and our schools the tools that they need to better manage their costs and that’s what Senate Bill 5 is all about," said Taylor.

Taylor also says filling the nearly 8 billion dollar budget gap is not an easy task, but must be done.

"How do we do as much as what we need to do with less money or less resources. We can’t afford to tax Ohioans more, we need to be looking at reducing taxes over time so how does government live within its means just like every family has done and every business in Ohio has done," said Taylor.

The Ohio Senate has passed it’s version of the state budget Wednesday. It will now go to a conference committee for further review. The state budget must be passed and signed by Governor Kasich by June 30th.