Missing: Woman and Son

by Danielle Cotterman on June 13, 2011 at 6:02 am

Newark Detectives are searching every angle to find a missing woman and her 4 year-old son.

 "I would like to say, Sara, no matter what the issues are, problems are, we can figure them out, we can work them out. " Chris Apple cried out to his family.

His missing wife and son…. Sara Apple and her son, Max, were last seen Thursday night. Her husband says he got a text, that she would be staying at her mother’s house. But she never showed up…

Friend, Rhiana Vetch said, "If she was going to leave, she would, at the very least, call her mother."

Newark Detectives are now investigating if Sara may have been kid-napped or just took off…

"There is some indication of some disquietude with domestic," said Sergeant, Scott Snow. "But not violence."

The couple recently agreed on a disillusion, and to share custody of their son….but, now, all the father wants is to see his wife and son.

Police are continuing their investigation, but family and friends are taking things into their own hands with a Facebook page to bring mom and son home.

More than 766 people have joined the Facebook group. Flyers are being hung-up throughout the area, even Sara’s Step-Father drove from Newark to Zanesville, stopping at every rest stop and gas station, for any sign they may have been there. But it seems, until then, the father’s plea will be heard….

"Max, If you can hear this, Daddy loves you and I’m going to get you home,"cried Apple.

Sara Apple is described as being almost 5-feet, 159 lbs, with brown hair, and brown eyes. Max was described as being about 3 feet, 40 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes. She is expected to be driving a white 2004 Saturn Ion with Ohio License Plate FCQ 5079. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Newark Police.