Music Bridges Faith

by Danielle Cotterman on June 26, 2011 at 7:11 am

An afternoon of music, art, and dessert brought together different religious groups throughout the community.

Celebrating 190 years of praising the Lord, the First Baptist Church hosted the 2011 ‘Singspiration’ at the Zanesville Art Museum Sunday afternoon. Pastor, Joe Seese said, ‘Singsporation’ began in 1945 and has always served as a way to bring the churches together.

Market Street Baptist Church’s, Jam Smith said, "It’s nice that we get to interact, we go out of our ways to find ways to interact with all the other types of churches, and all the other domination’s in Muskingum County."

Those attending included St. James Episcopal Church, Market Street Baptist, and a number of Catholic churches. The day serves as an opportunity to not only bring different congregations together, but the community.

"One of the responsibilities we see is to always build bridges that connect the church with the community," said Seese. "That it’s not just the church expecting people to come to it, but the church interacting with the community."

The Zanesville Art Museum in compliance opened their doors and the exhibits to the community free of charge.