Ohio Based Clothing Line Launches with Local Roots

by Danielle Cotterman on June 19, 2011 at 8:14 am

The idea of starting your own business may seem daunting…But to pursue a passion, is one risk, two local men are willing to take.

About six months ago, local entrepreneurs, Jim Jackson and Aaron Spragg took their interest in Ohio heritage and gave it a name…State of Devotion, it’s a clothing and accessory line, designed to build moral and pride in local history. Jackson said, he has heard a lot of negativity surrounding small town Ohio and the current economy.

"I’ve heard a lot of folks, in our recession, and how tough times have been," said Jackson. "I just think, if I can put something out there that inspires people, to take that negative energy, flip it around and make it a positive. And do something, like how I’m launching this brand, they can be a positive and do something for their community."

The team prides themselves, on the quality and authenticity of their product. All State of Devotion material is made in America, and printed right here, in Ohio. The branding of the line uses models and artists found in Southeast Ohio.

"Really to have complete control of either the success or the failure it may bring," said Spragg. "I mean if it’s successful you can pat yourself on the back, and if not you learn from it and maybe do something else but that’s the exciting part about it."

The line was launched on June 15th. State of Devotion hopes to expand their brand, to eventually include different types of clothing and accessories. To purchase a product, or for information on whole sale options, visit stateofdevotion.com