Patrol Increases Presence during Holiday Weekend

by Mark Bullion on June 30, 2011 at 5:44 am

The upcoming holiday weekend officially starts at midnight Friday and local law enforcement want to remind residents if you drink, you drive, you lose.

The Zanesville Post of the State Highway Patrol will be increasing patrol units and putting in overtime this weekend as many celebrate their fourth of July festivities, which will most likely include alcohol. Troopers say the fourth is one of the busiest holidays for them and remind residents to use common sense.

"So if you’re going to be out here doing something you shouldn’t be, count on seeing us," said Trooper Clark Felix.

 In addition to ground patrols, the Zanesville Post will also be teaming up with the Sheriff’s Office to help combat drunk driving, from the air.

"With a lot of the increased traffic on the interstate, a lot of times it makes it harder to work when your just out there by yourself. Working in a patrol car, it makes it harder to turn around or to pull out on the interstate. When we work with the aircraft, we can pretty much just sit there and flag them over. Just point, tell them to come over, issue the citation or warning or whatever the case may be," said Felix.

Troopers say the fourth of July along with Memorial Day and Labor Day are the busiest times of the year for drinking and driving.