Public Auction to be Held at Old Westview Elementary

by Mark Bullion on June 22, 2011 at 6:28 am

When schools in communities shut down, whether its due to downsizing, or a new school being built, one might ask, what’s done with everything in the old building?

The old Westview Elementary will be holding a public auction of most of the school’s items left behind when the new John Mcintire Elementary was built. A variety of items will be up for auction including desks, chairs, weight machines, playgrounds, and filing cabinets.

"Just trying to eliminate excess assets. We don’t actually have a good place to store them. This is not a good fit for them to be stored, and we just need to kind of eliminate some of those older items that we don’t use any longer and thought the public might benefit from them," said Matt Hittle, Zanesville City Schools Building and Facilities Manager.

Hittle says it’s a great opportunity for residents to get in on something that they maybe were once a part of.

"Maybe someone went to school here or some of the teachers that taught here in the past, might pick up something that means something sentimental to them," said Hittle.

Jay Butler realty will be holding the auction which begins at 10 am saturday. All of the funds raised will go back into the Zanesville City Schools general fund.